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After nearly three and half year of having the privilege to deliver the CCIQ ecoBiz program, the existing program went into a review and evaluation phase on 31 March 2017. We are now reviewing the learnings to date, alongside modelling for what the future format could be, and it is... Read more

Austwide Insurance Brokers

Austwide Insurance Brokers is a full service insurance broker providing all major general insurance markets to SMEs across Australia. Their eco-efficiency journey was instigated but a number of simple initiatives to better understand what was really costing the business. After identify areas for improvement, Sarah Fisher (Director) and the team underwent the following initiatives:  Read more


UPCOMING EVENTS Date Event Topic   7 Mar Leaders Forum Energy Efficiency and Renewables in the Food and Beverage Supply Chain read more / register past EVENTS Date Event Topic   21 Feb FREE e-WORKSHOP Sport, recreation and community organisations: How can your club reduce energy, water, waste and chemical costs... Read more