Fully-Subsidised Help For your business

ecoBiz is designed by business for business, so it’s fast, flexible and easy to follow. We understand you're time-poor, so you choose when to participate to achieve your savings.

new Participants

To get started simply complete our registration form on our Contact page.

  • You'll receive an email with a link to a short survey to complete.
  • You'll be provided with flexible options for submitting your 12 months' baseline energy, water and/or waste data.
  • You'll receive your one-on-one coaching session on site at your business.
  • After your coaching session you'll receive a report summarising your session with the trainer.
  • Submit your bills to ecoBiz when you receive them to monitor your energy, water and waste.
  • The ecoBiz team will remind you every few months, and we're always here for support if you need it.
  • Make sure you utilise the webinars, videos and case studies we send you, they're a great source of information to help you in your journey.
  • We'll be in touch when you've input enough data to be eligible to achieve ecoBiz Star Partnership. 

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For previous pARTNERS

For previous ecoBiz Partners we’ll recognise your prior experience and achievements, simply complete our contact form.

  • We'll be in touch to let you know what information we require for reassessment.
  • You can access another coaching session.
  • If you're continuing to maintain energy, water and/or waste efficiencies we can process you as an ecoBiz Star Partner.
  • You will also gain access to benchmarking support to continue measuring your progress and achieving savings. 
  • You'll have access to all our online content, and opportunities to attend our Leaders Forums.

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Star Partnership Recognition 

When you choose to become an ecoBiz particpant you will have the opportunity to measure three metrics - power, water and waste. 

EcoBiz One-star Partner

One-star businesses measure only one metric of their choice (energy, water or waste). You have access to our online tools and resources. Your coaching session and benchmarking support will help you create your action plan and achieve 10% savings on your chosen metric over a 12 month period to become a one-star ecoBiz Partner. 


Two-star businesses measure two metrics of their choice (energy, water or waste) and implement action plans for two metrics, using the tools and resources to help. By achieving 10% savings on these two metrics over a 12 month period you will become a two-star ecoBiz Partner. 

ecoBiz Champion

Three-star businesses are our ecoBiz Champions. They measure all three metrics (energy, water and waste) and implement action plans for all three metrics using the tools and resources to help. By achieving 10% savings on one metric while not increasing the other two by more than 5% over a 12 month period you will become an ecoBiz Champion.